This page contains various links not related to my research.
CTF write-ups:

Some projects that might be useful for others:
  • SMSbot: an xmpp python bot allowing your contacts to send you sms for free if you have a Free mobile plan.
  • LAG-downloader: a python script to help in saving the webcomic Les autres gens. (Note that without a subscription, you won't be able to download anything, this tool is only made in the purpose of backup.)
  • FRVSense Smoke Generator: A tool to generate heterogeneous 3D smokes using perlin noise, which can be used in PBRT. This was developed with my friend Adrien when I was part of the FRVSense team

Some old demos made with my friend Saorel at Alchimie 111111:
  • A77: 64k written in C++, music from Jay Blood.
  • Qd: 2k written in assembly. Fast compo on the theme "The answer is 42".

Kinder Suprise shader